An opportunity to generate strong returns

We provide our investors with the opportunity to generate strong returns secured against Australian residential and/or commercial
real estate.

We cater to sophisticated investors who have experience in and are comfortable conducting due diligence on real property. The basic adage we operate on is that an investor should not lend against a security unless they are prepared to buy that security for that amount or more. Accordingly our investors typically have significant property portfolio of their own and/or are experienced property developers.

Our core strengths include:

  • Our large network of investor clients. This allows us:
  • - to provide a consistent source of funds to meet quality deals referred to us thus ensuring we are first port of call with introducing brokers;
  • - transfer investors in and out of loans and so ensure that our investors have all their funds working almost all of the time.
  • Our advanced mortgage servicing software and personnel which allows us to collect and distribute interest in a timely and efficient manner and issue you with regular loan statements and any other documentation as required.
  • Our skill at appraising opportunities – this allows us to sort the wheat from the chaff saving our investor clients time.
  • Our close professional and systems relationship with the leading private mortgage solicitors in Australia. This allows us to ensure excellent representation and highest quality due diligence for our investor clients.
  • Our experienced in-house accountants who can liaise with your accountant or financial planner as and when necessary to assist with the completion of financial statements and income tax returns or retirement planning.

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